Remote learning Monday 1.3.21

LQ: Can I find one more than a number to 20?
Follow the link to the National Oak Academy lesson for the day.

Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood here!

LQ: Can I write labels?
Draw and label a picture of Little Red Riding Hood. Use your phonics to spell your labels.

LQ: Can I investigate torches?
Little Red Riding Hood is playing find the teddy in the dark. See if you can play too.
1) Hide your toy or teddy.
2) Turn the lights out
3) Try and find it with a torch!

Keep practising your reading at home! We are all looking forward to hearing you read when we’re back in school next week. Follow the link to read the eBook of the day ‘Big splash’.

Tricky word spelling practise:
Follow the link to practise spelling the high frequency tricky words!