Remote learning Thursday 25.2.21

LQ: Can I begin to make 10?
Follow the link to the learning today from The National Oak Academy

LQ: Can you create a simple ingredient list?
For the next two days we will be making a gingerbread recipe. In school, we would have made this with the children before doing the writing. (If you can do this at home, we often find the children are more confident writing about something they have done). Here is a CBBC video of how to make gingerbread man
For your ingredient list can you use pictures and words?

LQ: Can I join in with some exercises and follow instructions?
You can follow Joe Wicks doing his PE lesson. He is dressed up today!

Follow the link to the eBook for today ‘Seasons Scrapbook’
For reading tricky high frequency words practise follow the link to the game: