Remote learning Thursday 11.2.21

LQ: Can I explore sharing quantities into equal groups?
Use the link to find the lesson. When you’re finished remember to try the activity worksheet.

We’ve now finished our ‘Toy Box’ non-fiction book. If you want to make a front cover, remember to use a big title.

LQ: Can I use my phonics to write a simple sentence?
For today’s lesson we are watching the video of ‘Lost in the Toy Museum: An adventure’
When it’s finished can you tell someone the answers to these questions:
1) Why did the characters all shout ‘SURPRISE!’?
2) What was your favourite part of the story?
Using the picture, write a simple sentence explaining how you think Bunting was feeling?

LQ: Can I throw and catch with a ball or small object?
You will need a ball, rolled up pair of socks or a beanbag to practice your throwing.

Today’s class eBook is ‘In the desert’
If you need to login the details are the same as last week and are available on Tapestry.