Remote learning Tuesday 9.2.21

LQ: Can I explore sharing objects into two equal groups?
Follow the link to the lesson of the day when you are finished don’t forget to complete the worksheet.

Here is a link to the number bond game we used in yesterdays live lesson:

Here is a link to the Hide and Seek game used in todays live maths lesson:

LQ: Can I use my phonics to write simple sentences?
Over the next two days we are going to make our own Toy Box non-fiction book.
Can you write at least one fact about your favourite toy from home? (You could write what colour they are? Do they have wheels? Are they soft or hard? Do they have a tail?)

LQ: Can I find out which materials are waterproof?
This cold and rainy weather means that some of our cuddly toys can’t go outside or their fur will get wet! Can you find out which material will be best to make a coat to keep them dry? You could try paper, cardboard, plastic or cotton
Here is an experiment to look at

Please continue to share stories at home. Encourage your child to help segment and blend words they may know. Encourage them to talk about the books and answer simple questions using pictures as evidence or clues. Our class eBook today is ‘I can do it’:

If you need to login the details are the same as last week and are available on Tapestry.