Remote learning Monday 8.2.21

LQ: Can I explore counting in groups of five?
Use the link to find the lesson for the day when you’re finished, try the worksheet activities.

LQ: Can I use my phonics to write labels?
Look at the pictures from the non-fiction book ‘In the toy box’. Can you draw your favourite toys and add labels. (It can be your favourite from the picture or your favourite from your home).

LQ: Can I group objects according to a simple criteria?
Just like in the book ‘In the toy box’, sort out your toys or objects at home according to your own criteria. This could be what colours they are? Do you have wheels? What are they made of? What size are they? You decide. You can record your learning through photos or by drawing and labelling your objects.

Please continue to share stories at home. Encourage your child to help segment and blend words they may know. Encourage them to talk about the books and answer simple questions using pictures as evidence or clues. Our class eBook today is ‘Wheels’:

If you need to login the details are the same as last week and are available on Tapestry.