Remote learning Monday 18.01.21

Maths LQ: Can I use add and subtract using a number line?

Follow the link:  when you are finished try and complete the worksheet.

English LQ: Can I write labels?

This week we are learning about Ruff from the Old Bear stories. Follow the link to listen to the story of Ruff. Draw your own version of Ruff from the story. Use your phonics to write labels for his body. 

LQ: Can I build a chair for a toy? 
Choose your favourite cuddly toy. Using materials that you have at home; can you build a chair for it? Make sure it is comfortable! 
You could use toys like Lego bricks or building blocks or you could recycle old boxes or bottles. 
If you wanted to make it really challenging, see what you could build using just paper/card and tape!


Please continue to share stories at home. Encourage your child to help segment and blend words they may know. Encourage them to talk about the books and answer simple questions using pictures as evidence or clues.

For a further reading challenge, play the reading game here: