Remote learning Friday 15.01.21

LQ: Can I subtract amounts?

LQ: Can I write labels?
Watch Harry and his dinosaurs as they go to school today!
Just like in the story, can you create your own name label? You can also draw dinosaurs or toys from your house and label those too!

LQ: Can I say some of the things that I am good at?
Kipper is feeling sad because he doesn’t think he can do things and he isn’t a good learner. We know he is good at lots of things, especially riding his bike and reading!
If you share some of the things that you can do it might help him.
Can you draw a picture of the things that you are good at?

Please continue to share stories at home. Encourage your child to help segment and blend words they may know. Encourage them to talk about the books and answer simple questions using pictures as evidence or clues. For today’s class eBook follow the link to ‘Tiger’s Family’ Don’t forget to complete both activities after.