Remote learning Thursday 14.01.21

LQ: Can I subtract amounts?
Follow the link to the video lesson.

LQ: Can I write labels?
Use the link to rewatch the video:
What toys would you like to keep in your bucket? Draw your bucket with your favourite toys in. Write labels explaining what they are.

LQ: Can I join in with a dinosaur dance?
Warm up: Can you move like a dinosaur? (Flap your arms like a pterodactyl, stomp like a T-Rex, run like a velociraptor)
Watch the dance on the below link and copy the moves.

Please continue to share stories at home. Encourage your child to help segment and blend words using their phonic knowledge. Encourage them to talk about the book and answer simple questions using pictures as evidence or clues.
Our reading activity today is to read high frequency words: