Learning Thursday 7.1.21


LQ: Can I combine two amounts using zero? 

Follow the link to watch the video.


When you’ve finished, can you complete the activities?


LQ: Can I write labels? 

We’ve listened to the story of ‘Where’s my teddy?’ and I’m sure you know the story well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP7CKlk2iKc&t=124s

Can you create a drawing of your own teddy bear? When you’ve finished, can you label features? Such as it’s legs, arms, nose, mouth and ears? See if you can draw a better teddy than my one. Use your phonics to write your labels. Remember to use your robot arms to hear all of the sounds in the words.


LQ: Can I practise a tucked roll? 

If you have space and can practise safely, watch the video and practise tucked rolls. Don’t forget to stand up tall when you finish the roll.



Please try and read every day. If you want to read today’s eBook please follow the link: