The pomegranate

Today’s fruit was a pomegranate. None of us had ever tried one before and we all had a piece at snack time. Most of us actually liked the sharp flavour. In our phonics we added ‘f’ to the list of phonemes that we can recognise, and our dragon friend came and showed us that it makes the same sound when it is ‘ff’, when we learnt that the dragon likes to have fun while huffing and puffing to make fog. In maths we continued matching amounts to numbers by pairing up and getting gems by matching our amount with our partner’s number! Some of us collected a lot of gems! In English we continued our reading, and all of us have a brand new library book which we have taken home in our book bags. In the afternoon, we went outside to do PE, where we started to learn to jump and land properly, and finished off with a jumping race!